Short Term Missions Trips

Papua New Guinea is a very beautiful tropical country located in the South Pacific. It has hot, tropical coastal areas and cooler sub-tropical mountainous regions in the highlands. As missionaries in Papua New Guinea we have complete freedom and liberty to preach the gospel. From open air markets in town to one-on-one personal work in remote villages, with many kinds of ministry opportunities in between. There is much work to be done and, therefore, many opportunities for you to join in the work that God is doing in New Guinea.

Short term missions trip opportunities

Evangelistic – The focus of an evangelistic short term missions trip is to reach the lost through various avenues of ministry. We have various revival meetings throughout the year that can run from several hundred to several thousand in attendance each night. We strive to have an annual youth camp. This is a fantastic opportunity to see God moving in the hearts of young people. There are opportunities to preach in the village markets, Bible studies, and village churches.

Construction – Because of the scope of the ministry it seems that we are always building something. Whether it be a church building for a newly started church, classrooms or dormitories for the school, a new pastor’s house, or even the construction of a missionary’s home. There’s always something that needs to be built. It could be 20 new desks or the construction of a bridge that has been washed out. Whether you are a master carpenter or just like to tinker in the garage on the weekend, there’s work to be done that you can do!

Medical – Apart from the spiritual needs of our people in New Guinea, their lack of proper medical help could be their next greatest need. There are opportunities to come assist the nurses with the people. Or you can trek through the jungle to the various villages delivering much needed medicine to the people and first aid help.

Although the focus of the construction and medical missions trips are not evangelistic in nature, there are many opportunities, each day, to present the gospel to those you come in contact with. Depending on when you come, and what’s happening during that time, you may have an opportunity to have a part in all three of the areas listed above, if desired.

Having the opportunity to come and join in the work is a help to us and the ministry that God has given us. Our focus, and the goal of every ministry that we have, is to reach the lost for Christ.

However the Lord leads in your trip, our prayer, for you, is that you will have a broader scope and a greater vision for the great commission!

Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

This is general information and guidelines regarding mission trips to Papua New Guinea. Once you have contacted us regarding coming on a visit, more detailed information will be provided to you. This is not intended to answer every question or cover every scenario.


Even though we live in the jungle, our house is somewhat modern, with indoor plumbing. We also have electricity, though sporadic and unreliable. If needed, we have a back-up generator that can be used. Depending on the size of your group you will stay either in our home or in a dormitory style setting.


Food, for the most part, while on the mission station, will be prepared by us. Meals eaten while away from the mission station will generally be prepared by nationals (most likely sweet potatoes, greens, or fish and rice). Please let us know, prior to your arrival, if you have any food allergies. We drink rain water, so bottled water is not needed. Bottled water is available in town, upon arrival and before heading back to the mission station, for your purchase if desired.


You are responsible for organizing your travel to and from Mt. Hagen Airport (HGU), Papua New Guinea. You will need to come to Mt. Hagen via the Jackson International Airport (POM) in Port Moresby. There are various mission travel agency groups or web sites that can help in purchasing your ticket.


You need to be in generally good health. Certain health issues, however, may or may not be a problem. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Your health status may determine what types of ministries you may be involved in. Age is not necessarily a factor in determining whether you can or cannot come.


A 60 day tourist visa is available upon arrive. Currently, it is free.  For more information visit the Washington D.C. New Guinea Embassy web site at

Contact us for more information or if you feel that God would like you to come for a visit!

Where there is no vision, the people perish…