Pangia Baptist Missionary School

PBMS was started in 2008. Since 2014 it has been run as an A.C.E. school. We average 100-120 students each year and see many saved through this ministry. Chapel classes are held twice a week and the students’ daily work is filled with Bible as well. Our goal is to give these kids a great foundation of education but, more importantly, a great foundation in the Bible as well. Each year our prayer is that no student finishes out the year without knowing Christ as their Savior.  A big answer to prayer is that A.C.E. schools in PNG are now recognized by the government and students have the opportunity to continue on to university after graduation, if desired.

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Wiru Baptist Press

We started working on Wiru Baptist Press in 2010. The building went up and the first tracts were printed in 2012. Since then millions of tracts  and thousands of books have been printed in the print shop. We are also producing the King James Pidgin Bible and the Anchor Hymnal. God is using this ministry to get His Word throughout the country! A fire in the print shop in 2018 stunted some of this work, but this ministry has resumed, albeit in a diminished capacity. The work is moving forward as we continue with repairs and replacing equipment. We hope to be fully operational again by 2023.

Radio – Bible FM 105.1

In 2019 God allowed us to start building the radio station and order equipment. We went on the air the day after the government shut down the country because of COVID-19. We were able to continue preaching, via the radio, and have continued on even after things opened up again. We air good, Godly music, sound preaching, kids programs, Bible reading, and other great programming. We are working to expand the area reached, raise the quality, and have more souls hearing the gospel through this ministry.

Pangia Community Library

This library is the only library in the Southern Highlands and has over 5,000 books available for reading. Our school utilizes this tool and we are working to establish a love of reading. The library is also available to help the government school students with their assignments, since they have no access to books otherwise. Showing love and a heart for your community helps show them the love of Christ and opens doors that would otherwise remain shut. We pray that God will use this library in the future to win many souls to Him.

Bible School

Bible School is the future of the churches in PNG. Without pastors the churches will die off and the people will not be reached. We are working to train men who will be faithful pastors. Bible School students walk in and sleep in our dorm. They receive 3 years of training on many biblical topics as well as receive many preaching opportunities throughout their time. PNG needs more pastors in order to win PNG to Christ! There are also monthly pastor fellowships where we preach and teach for three days to help the pastors become more solidified in their knowledge of the Bible. They are fed and housed on the mission station.

Youth Ministries

Soldiers for Christ and Kids for Christ (KFC) are both youth ministries that have yielded much fruit! Soldiers for Christ is a weekly youth meeting where kids learn verses, songs, and hear the gospel. It is a great outreach tool and we have seen many saved who would never normally come to a church service. Kids for Christ is a 3 day outreach in various villages where there are games, teaching, crafts, and fun. This ministry has also produced some great fruit!

Outreach Ministries

Tent meetings, preaching, church planting, and reaching new areas is a big part of the ministry.  Our goal is to do at least 1 tent meeting a month, taking the tent out to various villages, setting it up, and preaching to the village. We also preach in churches throughout the Wiru tribe and the neighboring Kagua and Erave tribes. There is a need for many new churches to be started in these areas. Many are yet to hear the gospel. We are also able to reach kids in the governments schools via Religious Instruction Classes which are taught weekly. The kids are always excited to hear the Bible stories and sing songs.

Other Ministries

There are many other things that go on throughout the various ministries, on a daily basis. You never quite know what the day will bring and have to be ready for anything!

We deal with a lot of medical issues and help as we can. Sometimes this involves taking them several hours to a hospital and other times it is fixing the problem while on our front porch.

Counseling is done almost daily, with the pastors who come seeking advice or help.

Part of life on the mission field, in PNG, is also being your own plumber, mechanic, carpenter, doctor, electrician, and the like. A lot of time is spent keeping things running so that the ministry can continue. The roads are rough and take a huge toll on the vehicles. Keeping them running well is a constant battle. On the mission station there is always something being built, fixed, modified, or maintained.

Where there is no vision, the people perish…