Printing Ministry

As the family sat at the kitchen table in Pangia, PNG, and collated, folded, and stapled booklets, I began praying that God would provide a way for us to put together booklets for the school, Bible classes, youth groups, and pastors.  When I started praying I had no idea what God had in store. I was hoping for just a little better printer and maybe a booklet maker, but God had a whole printing ministry, complete with printing presses, folders, cutters, a copy machine, a Perfect binder, and many other pieces of equipment. We are so grateful for God’s goodness and faithfulness in providing these tremendous tools that will enable us to put out Bible helps and songbooks throughout the Wiru tribe and beyond.

The printing presses were loaded onto the container, in Waxhaw, NC, on October 29, 2010.  You can see a few of the many grey totes full of books for the Pangia Library.

The print shop building (combined with a dorm, library, and classroom) was started in November, 2010.Putting in the foundation.

Getting the 2nd story wall up.

The woven blind is put on before the stucco.

Finishing the stucco on the building.

The printing presses arrived in PNG in February 2011.

The printing presses arrived in PNG in February 2011.

March, 2013

The print shop is up and running now. We are still needing some more equipment for printing the Bible, but are printing lots of tracts. We have also started printing the Baptist hymnal. We are excited for what God is doing, and will do, with this ministry!

The printing presses are running!

Summer, 2014

The evaluation copy of the Bible has been printed and many pastors have received one to start reading. We printed 250 copies and had 80 available for the 2014 National Baptist Pastors Conference in Mendi. The excitement was overwhelming and we are anxious to get more Bibles into the hands of the people.

Derrick cleaning the presses

Fall & Winter, 2014

What an opportunity! We have put out the word about getting Bibles printed in large quantities, outside of PNG. We don’t have the equipment, or time, to get the quanity printed that will be needed to supply the country. God’s people have given and the amount needed has been reached! The first 10,000 Bibles have been ordered and will arrive early spring.

Spring, 2015

The Bibles have arrived in PNG and we had the official launching of the King Jems Pisin Baibel. What a blessing to be a part of this amazing endeavor. The magnitude of what God is doing (and will continue to do) in PNG, with this Bible, is hard to comprehend.


We now have the side-by-side version (English and Tok Pisin) of the King Jems Pisin Baibel.

June, 2018

Kirsten and I put together a youth program, Soldiers for Christ, which we run for the local kids on Wednesday evenings. This month we went to Wewak to train the leaders that Joseph Anderson works with, so that they could implement their own youth program as well. We have been printing these booklets for us, and others, and now have (find number) churches using this program to reach their youth.

August 14, 2018

At 4:30am we were roused with pounding on the door and declarations of “the print shop is on fire!”. We immediately rushed out and started working to get the fire out. There was a good amount of damage done, and we lost some equipment. But, praise God – we still have the print shop! It looks like some rats got into the walls and chewed on some wiring. We will have some work ahead of us to get it up and running again.

Where there is no vision, the people perish…